Our vision towards Disaster management

To alleviate the number of victims in catastrophic event takes place within Devinuwra divisional Secretarit and to rescue the community that has the risk experience of catastrophe by making Devinuwara  Divisional Secretariat with lesser damages and effects  due to disaster with comparison to other  Divisional Secretariats.

Our mission towards Disaster management

By identifying natural disasters and Man-made disasters cause to Devinuwara Divisional Secretariat and Functioning through major objectives of mitigating ,Prepareadness ,preventing, responding ,recovering and rescuing the effected community ,mitigating the damages and losses , effectively provide them necessary facilities by giving the highest patronage on the level  of Divisional Secretariat  Division to the journey towards sustainable development  of Sri Lanka.

Disaster management concepts



Emergency situations

The Process on a Disaster

  • Immediately contact the relevant Grama Niladhri Officer and inform him /her the incident
  • The Disaster Relief Officer is informed by The GN Officer
  • After the site is visited by the Disaster Relief Officer , a report is forwarded to Divisional Secretary.
Contact Point Address Telephone
Ministry of Disaster Management Vidya Mawatha, Colombo 07 +94 112 665 352
National Disaster Relief Service Center Vidya Mawatha, Colombo 07 +94 112 665 258
Disaster Management Center Vidya Mawatha, Colombo 07

+94 112 136 136

+94 112 670 070

+94 112 136 100


District Disaster Relief Officer

(Mr. Anuja Vidanagama)

Mathara District Secretariat +94 071 8245180

Dister Relief Officer -Devinuwara

(Mr. J.H. Lakminda)

Divisional Secretariat - Devinuwara +94 071 1998820



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Amended Charges for Isuuing National Identity Cards

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